Rewriting History: Part 2

2014's Rankings, Revisited

December 10, 2015

Year-end lists mean something different to everyone. Some people make them based off of play counts - simple and objective. Others take the meaning of each album as a whole - and the shows they saw those bands play, and the times they quoted their lyrics on Instagram, and whatever else - and try to rank them comprehensively. Some people have . . .

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Rewriting History: Part 1

2014's EOTY Album Rankings

December 07, 2015

As I'm starting to think seriously about my 2015 year-end rankings, which are really important to get right because about 5 people will read them, I wanted to see how well last year's list has held up. The answer: not all that well. I'll talk more about that tomorrow. But in case you're interested - and because I never got . . .

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Between the end and where we lie

On new music from old favorites

November 23, 2015

A very cool thing showed up on the internet today:

Silvrback blog image

So naturally I screamed a little in my office and now everyone's wondering if I'm okay, and I'm sitting here thinking about what it means to be able to feel excitement like I feel now about a band that hasn't released music for the last five years. What is . . .

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Keep My Bones

On starting a blog

November 16, 2015

Starting up a brand-new blog is a weird thing. In college, I took an English elective called "Digital Writing," which we affectionately referred to as "Blog Class," and Blog Class taught us that your first entry should tell the audience who you are and what the scope and content of the blog will be. But, when I was dating . . .

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